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How To Purchase?

If you have already worked with Indigomind before...

Please call/e-mail your original contact, he/she will be handling your case

If you are a new customer...

Welcome! Please let us know who you are or whom you're representing, the quantity you are requiring, and any other remarks you would like to discuss, via e-mail: gloves@indigomind.net for gloves or services@indigomind.net for others, we will be in touch within 48 hours.

For Government and Hospital procurement, please be sure to let us know, we support lives with our full strength. 





Taiwan based global service.

 Indigomind is founded and based in Taiwan since 2011. Starting as a digital and electronic solution provider, we established strong relationships with multiple tier 1 manufacturers, assisted our clients to complete their products and procurements.


Our business footprints extend from across Asia, to  North/South America, Australia, and Europe, and our teams locate around the globe. We assist our customers with purchase solutions by sourcing goods in good quality and reasonable prices or customize and co-develop products according to customer's requirements.

In response to the wide-spreading COVID-19, Indigomind Medico is in a strategic alliance with UIA - Union International Assistance - the largest international medical assistance and transferring support company in Taiwan.

Combining our knowledge and resources, we are to provide our customers with the most trustworthy solutions against the COVID-19.

Also our Alliance

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