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Urgent critical care

The Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ (PEV™) is intended for use for partial or full ventilator support for adult patients who are experiencing impending or full ventilatory failure. The device continuously delivers pressure-controlled ventilation through a number of modes in one adaptable, intuitive platform. The PEV™ is certified by Health Canada under the Interim Order as a Class 3 medical device (Health Canada Device ID 1024413).

Key Features

  • Ventilation modes: CMV-PC, A/C-PC

  • Ventilation parameters: PEEP, PIP, RR, Inspiratory Time

  • Wide range of alarm and failsafe settings, including high and low expiration and inspiration pressure, High/Low PEEP, High/Low PIP, loss of power, and patient circuit disconnect alarm.

  • Control panel display with patient monitored data

  • Designed for adult patients with a bodyweight ≥ 50kg

  • Does not require compressed air. An external source of oxygen is required to increase FiO2


Made in Canada & Health Canada Certified

  • Ocalink’s Pantheon Emergency Ventilator™ (PEV™) contains all the safety features recommended by Alberta Health Services.

  • Received certification from Health Canada under the Interim Order authorization designating the PEV™ as a Class 3 medical device (Manufacturer ID 153426 and Device ID 1024413).

Crisis-Solution Oriented Design

  • Only contains 53 components, easier to manufacture than traditional ones.

  • Working with 86 manufacturers and suppliers, never run out of resources. 

  • Production capacity up to thousands/ per day.

  • Turbine rated for 50,000 hours or 2,100 days of continuous use.

  • Stainless steel 304 parts that are CNC machined to withstand high usage.

  • Steel casing protects parts from damages when moved.

ISO 13485 Standard Manufacturered

Passed QPS SPE-3000 Standard

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